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EPFO has launched a New UAN member portal login. For their EPFO Covered Employee. The Employee can avail many facilities through this Portal. To use this EPFO Portal, Employee has to activate the UAN Number for UAN Login.
After doing that, the EPFO Member Login can take the further action to do Login on Unified Member Portal.
When a member takes the action for Activation and completes it.
Then, he/she will be able to do login very next day. EPFO doesn’t allow the member to log in after Activation.
Employee provident fund Organisation is a vital tool for retirement planning.
It is a tax-free maturity and ensures an excellent increase in your cash. While you’re being an associate of EPFO.
Then you can meet your retirement target in case you put up for the very long term.
Besides to that, another form of targets might also fill during crises.
In case you have an account on the EPFO Member Portal afterward. By using the easy and effective method you desire to test equilibrium.
EPFO balance is the sum of your pf account balance. It includes the sum of the deducted amount each month. From the Company and your wages.
Assessing your equilibrium status can suggest the present condition of the account.
By means of this method. You could know the plan and your equilibrium to anything.
EPFO Comes under the Ministry of Labour and Employment Government of India.
The EPFO Native name is (Karmchari Bhavisye Nidhi Sangathan) and it’s founded in INDIA on 04 March 1952.
The PM Narendra Modi launched UAN (Universal Account Number) on 01st October 2014. For Employees covered by EPFO


UAN Login Infographic

What is the Concept of UAN Login? | EPF Employee login

Earlier each & every EPFO Member uses to gets a Member ID after joining a Job in a Company.
But when he/she left the Job from that particular Company and joins another company.
He/she again gets a New Member ID that was making very hard to maintain the records of the covered Employee’s.
So, the UAN concept comes in the picture.
Example: – Mr. X has 2 Member ID which relates to 2 Jobs of his Careers. And it’s very difficult to transfer or carry the previous PF account to the new employer/company. As there was no such way available.
But now, Mr. X has 1 UAN (Universal Account Number) which contains all this Member ID.
If Mr. X joins a new Job, he/she needs to provide the UAN Number to the Employer.
If he/she wants to transfer their previous PF amount to his/her new member ID.

What are the Benefits of UAN? | EPFO Unified Portal

Here we are going to tell about the benefit of EPFO. When you become EPFO Member you got a good growth of money.
Which you and your employer deposit in your EPF Account.
It is great facility given the Indian Government as it’s TAX-Free. Means when you withdraw PF amount. You do not need to pay the TAX on this.
If you contribute in this for a long time then, it may meats to your retirement plan. If you are an EPF Member and then you must have a Member ID and UAN Number.
You can use that to Login to UAN Portal. As after login into UAN Portal you will be able to avail many of the facilities provided by the EPFO Online Portal.

How to Contribute to EPFO? | Unified Portal EPF

EPFO for is the Salaried Person who is doing Job in Companies and Offices.
This is the Every Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company… Unlimited Company, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). And Partnership Company responsibility to Enroll their Employee in EPFO.
It takes the contribution from both the party Employee and Employer every month. After Enrollment of the Employees from their Salary till the Employment.
In that Company as per the Indian Government Guidelines. Here is the contribution table.

What is the EPFO Contribution Table & Percentage | UAN Passbook Download

uan login passbook

10% rate is applicable for:-

  • Any establishment in which less than 20 employees are employed.
  • The sick industrial company has declared… as such by the Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction.
  • An establishment which has at the end of any financial year… accumulated losses equal to or exceeding its entire net worth.

How to do UAN Generation? | How to Generate UAN Number

To Know Your UAN Number Please follow the below mentioned steps:-

uan member login

  • Once, you complete the form filling work. Click on the “Get Authorization Pin”
  • You will get an OTP on your Entered/Registered Mobile Number. And, also redirected to the next page where you need to put the OTP with doing tick mark of “I Agree” Option.
  • Once, you confirm the OTP and do agree on the “I Agree” Option and clicked on the “Validation button”.
  • You will receive you UAN Number on the same Mobile number through Text SMS.

How to Activate UAN? | UAN Activation

To do UAN Member Login you need to Activate your UAN Number first. Please follow the below-mentioned steps to Activate UAN.

uan login passbook

unified portal epf

  • Step:-3 Select “UAN” and put your UAN Number… (UAN can get from Salary Slip or Ask the Employer for the Same). And Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Number and Email ID in the online form.

uan member portal login

  • Step:-4 Enter Correct CAPTCHA in the CAPTCHA Box. Which is Mandatory and click on the “GET Authorization PIN”.
  • Step:-5 Once, you get the PIN, Enter into PIN Box and click on the “SUBMIT”.
  • Step:-6 After doing all this you will redirect to put your Credential. Then, you will ask to “Create Password”.
  • Step:-7 Completing all this, it will verify the credentials and complete registration.
  • Step:-8 After UAN Registration on Portal. You can do UAN Login anytime with your username and password. (Your Username will be your UAN Number and Password. Which you did set at the time of Activating UAN Number).

UAN Helpdesk Toll Free Number

The employee can call EPFO Helpdesk number. For any query related to UAN Login etc.

180 231 9091 UAN Helpdesk
180 231 9094 UAN Helpdesk
UAN Helpdesk – 1800118005
(Timing – 09:15 AM to 05:45 PM on All 7 Days.)

FAQ’s for EPFO Member Portal Login.

  • How to do EPFO Balance with SMS?
    • Answer:- The EPFO member can get their PF Balance via Text Message. If he/she has updated EPF KYC on Unified Member Portal. As EPFO send EPF Balance Statement at the end of every month.
  • How do we Check PF Balance Online?
    • Answer:- The member can Check PF Balance with UAN. As they need to do UAN Login with Activated UAN Number on Member Portal. Then, they can Download E Passbook.
  • Can we EPF balance Enquiry SMS?
    • In short – Yes, the Member can do the EPF Balance Enquiry via SMS. “best thing is” you don’t need an internet connection. Please read ahead to Know Your EPF Balance via SMS.
      • Send the SMS request to 7738299899
      • SMS Format should be like- EPFOHO UAN
      • This service supports many languages – English, Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Bengali.
      • You can avail this service 24/7 hours.

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Hope after reading this blog you will find this blog content useful for you.

Also, you will do UAN Login like a pro after doing UAN Activation. One more important thing, if you have any Question. Please ask it under Comment Section. We will love to help you.